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Dr. Lindsay M. Rademacher | Holistic & Sports Chiropractor

Chiropractor Cascade Ada, MI

At Balanced 4 Life Chiropractic, our Grand Rapids Chiropractor, Dr. Lindsay M. Rademacher, believes in whole body healing. We take a holistic approach to treatment, allowing the body to heal from the inside out.

Our focus is to integrate chiropractic care with kinesiology, nutritional supplementation, homeopathic remedies, essential oils and custom orthotics. Our balanced combination of these practices designed around individual needs allows us to ease your back, neck or other pain, find your balance and ignite the vitality you desire.

Physical pain, mental fog and fatigue are a few of many signs that the body is signaling for an adjustment, a re-alignment and better symmetry. Maintaining a balanced life is a difficult task these days, but we are here to help.

Dr. Lindsay M. Rademacher has been practicing sports and holistic chiropractic care(hide link) since 2006. Balanced 4 Life Chiropractic aims to remove any unnecessary stress or tension, and make you feel comfortable during your first, and every, visit with Dr. Lindsay.

Please call (616) 666-6092 if you have any questions or to make an appointment. We serve Ada, Cascade, Forest Hills and the entire Grand Rapids, MI area. We are currently accepting new patients!