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Applied Kisnesiology

Applied Kisnesiology

Kinesiology is a branch of science that is amazingly efficient at balancing the body so that it can reach full health, energy and emotional strength. It stands apart from any other type of health technology largely because of the use of revolutionary muscle testing.

The term kinesiology here refers to the relationship between Applied or Specialized Kinesiology and always includes manual muscle testing, not to be confused with the branch of practice that solely addresses the mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement. Dr. Rademacher has studied both types of kinesiology and relies on a mixed approach that best serves each individual and their desired outcomes.

Kinesiology is a holistic system because it looks at the entire person rather than measured portions of the body. This allows us to get a bigger and much better picture of cause and effect, and how problems may be best solved.

Much like servicing non-human electrical circuits and water systems from a command center, Kinesiology enables us with relative ease and very little, if any, discomfort to gauge to the communication and performance between the brain and downstream muscle, organ and other systems of the body.

Kinesiology testing looks at all types of stresses that can cause disease. They include emotional, nutritional, structural and electrical stress. When the body is overstressed (through a chemical, emotional, structural or electrical cause), the signals through the muscle goes weak. Like a blown fuse in the fuse box, the body elects to reduce connectivity rather than shut down the entire system. This is the basis of muscle testing, which is the main tool used in kinesiology. We have found this whole body approach to be essential for getting our patients to hold their chiropractic adjustments and benefit from long-term healing.