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The Dedicated Doula and Doctor Detective

The Dedicated Doula and Doctor Detective

Kristin Revere, co-owner of Gold Coast Doulas LLC, and Lindsay Rademacher, commonly referred to as Chiro Doc Lindsay or Doctor Detective, are passionate about assisting women in the Cascade community. Together, they offer support to women during some of the most difficult times.

One area of specialty for both women is postpartum services.

As any woman who has given birth will know, after delivering a child major changes occur within a woman’s body, and oftentimes having someone to lean on during this time can be crucial. The body can and will restore itself back to health, but this takes time. Proper rest and healthful nutritional support can help expedite this process.

Kristin had two children back to back and felt depleted as a result. She relied on a volunteer from MomsBloom to help for a couple of hours per week with both of her children. It gave her time to enjoy a cup of tea or take a shower while her husband was away at work. It was also nice to have someone to talk to. Kristin formed Gold Coast Doulas with Karlye McNeely a year ago to fully support families through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time. They offer day and night postpartum doulas to help with everything from newborn or sibling ca re, feeding support, to light housekeeping to emotional and informational support for families. Daytime and overnight postpartum doulas services with Gold Coast give women the rest and support they need during this time of transition.

Dr. Lindsay, since having two children herself, and going through rough times post-pregnancy, has done extensive research into the nutritional needs of the body after delivering babies. Here is Lindsay's story:

"I was upset that my breast-milk production was low, and at my postpartum visit I expressed this to the Ob-Gyn who had delivered my son. Not only did she, the OB, not remember me, nor my son whom she had delivered only two weeks prior, but she was quick to write me a script for Prozac!"

Luckily, I knew that I did not have a need for Prozac or any other drug for that matter.

What I did need was nutritional support, specifically for my digestive system, adrenals and for the minerals that were lost. Those nutritional levels likely were not in healthy status even prior to giving birth.

This personal experience has allowed me to support women who find themselves feeling as I once did. I sympathize with and support mothers in a compassionate way that would not have been possible had I not encountered these circumstances myself. "It is my mission to listen wholeheartedly to my patients and support their very needs as an individual."

Kristin and Dr. Lindsay have a unique connection. Dr. Lindsay was Kristin’s chiropractor through both of her pregnancies. Dr. Lindsay hired Karlye of Gold Coast Doulas as her birth doula and HypnoBirthing instructor.

Make an appointment with Dr. Lindsay from Balanced 4 Life Chiropractic or Kristin from Gold Coast Doulas today. They share an office in the Cascade Natural Health building at 583 Ada Drive Suite 202 Ada, Mi 49301.